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James and Liz Grier have led Soul Exeter since 2007.

James and Liz also lead Unlimited Church in Exeter, which is an all-age church which works with and for youth who have little or no experience of church. It is a pioneering Fresh Expression church which is part of the Church of England. Its passion and purpose is for ‘young people to encounter the God they’ve never met and live the difference.’ You can find out more at

James is also Pastoral Coordinator at Soul Survivor’s summer festivals and Momentum, as well as a regular seminar speaker at Soul Survivor. In addition, James is the Chairman of SWYM (South West Youth Ministries). SWYM trains and equips youth and childrens workers placed around the South West and beyond!



Pete Norris

Pete oversees the worship team at Soul Exeter. If you are interested in getting involved with the worship team at Soul Exeter, please contact Pete via email He is also the Youth Outreach Worker at Unlimited Church and studying for a degree in Theology with Moorlands College South West.